State Residency Requirements as of January 1st, 2024

Participants in National American Miss (NAM) state-level events must meet NAM’s residency requirements.

Upon request of the pageant office, a minimum of three of the following listed items must be provided by the applicant to establish residency eligibility for a given state. The documents must display the name of the applicant or the applicant’s legal guardian and be valid on the date of application to the pageant:

National American Miss shall be the sole judge and determinant of an applicant’s residency. If the applicant, or actual contestant, cannot supply the necessary documents to show residency, then the application may be refused, participation may be denied, fees may not be refunded, and / or titles and awards may be revoked.

An applicant whose custodians reside in different states, and have a written joint legal custody arrangement, shall have the option of registering in either state. But in any case, the applicant may participate in only one NAM state level event per year.

To be considered, any questions concerning residency must be sent in writing by email. Inquiries must include complete contact information for the inquirer and specific questions regarding residency of a given applicant. Inquiries must be sent to the NAM national office at