The Online COVID19 Waiver

Required for participation in your NAM state event

You will not be allowed to participate in the NAM state event without completing BOTH the Waiver (below) as well as the Certification.

– Please note that within 48 hours of your state event Check-In, you will need to go to complete the online Certification. As a convenience, you will be sent both an email and a text to the points of contact that are on file with the NAM pageant office. The Certification is similar to the questionnaire that you complete now prior to being allowed to check in for a flight. In it, you are certifying that neither you, nor anyone among your family and guests in attendance, are diagnosed with COVID19, nor display any of the risk factors.

Complete the Waiver form below and submit at least one day prior to your arrival at the National American Miss state event.

Once you submit this online form, the system will automatically email you a copy of your completed form within five minutes.