Official Rules & Regulations


1. The contestant must reside or go to school in the state where she competes, and she must participate in her correct age group.

2. Neither the contestant, nor any of her immediate family members, may be employed by National American Miss, Inc. (The “National Office”), nor the National American Miss company that directs the state pageant for which her application applies.

3. In consideration of being accepted as a contestant in the state pageant, the parents and/or guardians of the contestant, do hereby release National American Miss, Inc., its staff, state directors, director’s company, subsidiaries, parent companies, assigns, employees, and servants from any and all claims and damages directly or indirectly resulting from named contestant participating in the National American Miss events.

4. We give permission to National American Miss to use the contestant’s photographs, speeches, testimonials, videos, etc., for publicity purposes and future material.

5. It is agreed and understood that any scholarships or college allowances, as well as sponsored prizes, which are part of the state and national programs are provided by the named school, agency, college, or sponsor and the amount of such scholarships, college allowances, or sponsored prizes are determined by the school, agency, college, or sponsor. National American Miss, Inc., and the state director’s company, shall have no liability in regard to such grants or scholarships.

6. It is understood that all fees are non-refundable without exception.

7. Contestant must not be married and/or never been married. However, contestants who are pregnant or have a child, may compete.

8. Contestant may only participate in one National American Miss state pageant within a calendar year.