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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of entering National American Miss?

Is previous pageant experience required?

Is National American Miss a "beauty-pageant?"

Do I have to be "beautiful," thin, or perfect in some other way?

Do I have to get "coaching" or other formal training?

What color does my formal dress have to be?

Are the personal interviews one-on-one?

Is there a swimsuit competition?

Will I be judged on Community Service?

10% of your total pageant score will come from Community Involvement. Earning the full 10% is EASY! Simply bring one or more new, or like new, children's book with you to pageant weekend, and you will receive the full 10% toward your pageant score! If you prefer, you can bring new, or like new, children's school supplies. Following the pageant, those supplies are put to work right there in your state to area schools, Head Start programs, women and children's shelters. This is a fun, easy and meaningful way in which every National American Miss contestant can make an immediate positive impact on her community!

Do I have to raise my sponsor fee, or can we just pay it?

I would like to be in the pageant but how do I get sponsors?

What is a Sponsor Fee?

What if I miss my sponsor fee deadline?

Do I have to sell advertising to enter?

Have a question that is not answered here? Please email info@namiss.com.

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