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Community Involvement 

Golden Achievement in Service Award

The Golden Achievement in Service Award is one of our most prestigious awards. This free contest is available to all girls who attend the national pageant activities and it recognizes and celebrates the service of National American Miss girls in their communities. It is given only at the national pageant level. One is awarded for each age group at the glamorous Red Carpet Awards Ceremony.

The winning entries of each age group's Golden Achievement in Service Award will be featured on official National American Miss sites and blogs, as will other entries that are selected as being exemplary. The goal of publishing the entries is to inform and inspire other girls across the country to service in their communities.

Here’s how it works:

Deadline: By November 15, all competitors in the National American Miss and the National All-American pageants are required to document their 4 or more hours of service by uploading documentation to this site. Likewise, any girl who qualified to go to Nationals, for Optional Contests, or any activity, and who is attending Nationals, can do the same. There is no entry fee.

Your submission should describe your ONE Community Involvement Project. While you may have been involved in various projects and/or organizations, we want you to select the ONE project or organization that you want to feature. Recycling, Susan Komen Run, Ronald McDonald House, Book Drives, sending care packs to US servicepersons, Volunteering at your favorite charity; these are just some of the examples of ways you can get involved in service.

* Note: As you know, participation in the Community Involvement portion of the national queen’s titles pageants is required for all contestants who are competing for those titles. All entries that are successfully submitted, and that follow the rules, will receive the full 10% credit automatically accredited to the participant’s overall pageant score.

The minimum requirements are that you upload:

  • Brief Project Description. This should be just a sentence or two.

  • Full Service Description. This is a fuller description. It is not to exceed a maximum of 300 words for the Pre-Teen, Junior Teen, Teen, and Miss divisions and 150 words for the Princess and Jr. Pre-Teen divisions.

  • A letter of validation from the project manager, verifying your service. Scan the letter and upload it as instructed on our webpage.

To more fully give honor to your project, you may upload:

  • One or more actual photo(s) of your project and/or you serving in your project. If you have a National American Miss banner, you can wear that while doing your service. Crowns are optional, and we are actually now discouraging them when participating in community service as they can sometimes interfere with the message of service. Note: Your having a crown and / or banner on in the photos, or video, does not affect your scoring for this award. Follow the instructions shown on our upload site for naming the photos prior to upload.

  • A link to a video about your project and/or you serving in your project. You may choose to upload your video to a site, such as YouTube. When you do, copy and paste the link into the place indicated on our page. You also need to turn in a disc (DVD or CD) of your video at National pageant Check-In.

  • Additional letters of commendation and/or other up-loadable items which you feel will help us present your project if it is selected and then presented on the Community Involvement website page.

For assistance, you may contact the National Pageant office at 281 496-5050.


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